Court Bond Applications

A Court Bond may guarantee only costs; it might guarantee costs and damages; it might guarantee the return of certain property; or it might guarantee the payment of a final judgment. There are many different types of courts bond. I.e. Appeal (Supercedeas), Probate, Civil and just a few.

Probate Court Bonds:

Covers faithful performance of duty by a fiduciary appointed by the Probate Court. These are bonds furnished in connection with administrators of an estate of a deceased person, minor, or an incompetent.

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Civil Court Bonds:

Any type of bond required to enable litigants to pursue their remedies at law.

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Conservatorship and Guardianship:

The bond is an insurance policy paid for by the estate that protects the protected person in the event that your act or omission causes harm. The amount of the bond will be the total value of the estate property over which you have unsupervised control plus one year’s estimated income. The court does not issue bonds.

Appeal Bonds:

Guarantees payment of final judgment and cost if adjudged against the principal.

Personal Financial Statements:

A Personal Financial Statement is required for underwriting to determine that the applicant has financial security to repay the surety in case of claim is paid. The Personal Financial Statement should be completed with data that is current within 3 months.

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