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Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Applications

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds (MVD, Used Dealer Bonds) guarantees compliance with law, payment of tax, and in some cases payment of judgments.

If you are thinking about opening up a new or used car dealership or have already started then you are finding out that your State requires you to get a surety bond. Once you have obtained the bond and your state has approved your application then you will be on your way to finally opening up shop.

We can help you to obtaining the bond. Most surety companies underwrite this type of bond based solely on credit. The better your credit rating the lower the cost. However, the worse your credit rating is then the more you will pay. You will be required to renew this bond while you are in business.

Please complete the Multi-Application and the Personal Financial Statement. We will also need your business financial statement to include balance sheet and profit & loss.

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